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About Atlas

Atlas Technical Equipment & Consulting GmbH, the official name of Atlas Aviation Service has been established 1989 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Aviation Related Activities

The main activities from the beginning were and are always aviation related.

Our Services

Spare parts for airports and airlines, consultancy for catering and GSE, GSE-overhaul and renting out and trading of GSE.

Atlas Technical Equipment & Consulting GmbH has been serving the aviation market for more than 25 years, mainly but not only in respect of Ground Support Equipment. Our experience is based on thorough on-hand ground operations expertise of the owners and employees of the company. The main activity is trading with overhauled pre-owned Ground Support Equipment. Pallet/Container Loaders, Push-Back Tractors, Catering Highloaders, Ambulance Lifts, Lavatory Trucks, Apron Buses etc., the complete range of so-called GSE.Our Consultancy Services consist of planning of required GSE, evaluating existing GSE and technically specifying all your GSE requirement. Besides this we are offering mock-up systems for ground handling training, with this there is no need to train at live airplanes.

AtlasAvia GmbH

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AtlasAvia GmbH
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